About us


Greatness, Elegance, Originality These are just a few of the qualities of Andressi’s creations made with professionalism based on a unique vision, for the ladies who appreciate quality at the highest standard.

Andressi brandhas appeared from the passion for what’s beautiful, but also from wanting to offer to possible clients, a premium experience to the smallest detail.

Our Goal? The creation of complex, versatile clothing items which are made 100% in Romania to complete the perfect way the security and refinement of contemporary woman.

Our entry in the fashion world is meant to be a special one, based on distinguished textile, vibrant colours, unique designs and elegant stitching, all these contributing in creation of a flawless image.

We define so, the mission Andressi, the one to transform the simple need of wearing a suit or a dress, into a true unique experience, of which principal coordantes, are represented by the stylish distinction and perfection.